A Gift of Chai Tea…

A thoughtful Christmas gift idea!

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Who doesn’t like a cup of tea on a cold winter afternoon?  🙂

Here’s a recipe idea that would make a great gift!

We buy our clear gift bags at Michael’s craft store… and we use them all the time!

Place half a cup of lose leaf tea into the bag (we use organic rooibos tea from the Gathering Place – YUM all by itself!) and add in one tablespoon of fennel seeds, eight ‘smashed’ cardamon seeds and ten or twelve cloves.  Mix it up a little bit in the bag and then add in two cinnamon sticks.  Oh and one last thing… roll up four tea bag filters (you can find these at most tea shops) and place into the bag in the middle of the tea with the cinnamon sticks.

Tie with a pretty ribbon… maybe a little hand written note?  This tea is wonderful with a little bit of honey…

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