What a great Halloween Idea!

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Magpie Miller

It’s that time of year where I start seeing beautifully (and not so beautifully) carved pumpkins in my newsfeeds and, to be honest, I hate carving pumpkins! All that pumpkin slime and seeds whilst almost breaking my back to get that ‘perfect’ shape only to be bitterly disappointed when you end up with a floppy, unrecognisable stinky mess. Bleurgh!  So instead of carving I’ve been thinking about getting crafty by using two of my favourite things, paint and glitter.  With that in mind, here’s my roundup of easy peasy pumpkin squeezy Halloween decorations:

Ombre and geometric pumpkins


Bronze glitter pumpkins


Scary painted shapes on pumpkins


Painted tops and tape pumpkins


Gold glitter pumpkins made into tea light holders


Painted pumpkins in sophisticated colours


Which one will you be doing this weekend?

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