Brilliant idea from Let’s Get Thrifty on using Rit Dye products to Dip Dye a Dress!

Let's Get Thrifty

There was this beautiful summery, silk, blue to orange ombre shirt I saw at the mall. Instead of paying $70 for it, I picked up a $12 cotton dress from H&M, and a couple packets of Rit dye from the fabric store for $2 each. For this DIY project I basically followed Rit’s ombré instructions that you can read on their website. Make sure you use a garment made of cotton or other natural fibers. Synthetics, like polyester, won’t hold the dye!

Here are the supplies I used:
-1 packet of orange Rit dye
-1 packet of blue Rit dye
-basin for dyeing
-cotton dress
-rubber gloves

Prepare the dye as indicated on the box. I dipped the top half in orange, and the bottom in blue. I did three dips each, soaking less and less fabric with each dip.

Who has two thumbs and a new swimsuit cover-up?…

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